Turtle Island University Foundation Programs

At Turtle Island University Foundation we aim to educate the populations of the Earth in the daily life skills Our Ancestors practiced and lived in order to survive and create future generations.

Our primary program focus is empowerment through education. Bow Making workshops, Fire Making Trainings, Foraging, Morning Meditations, Tracking, & Primitive Shelter building are just a few things you can learn at Turtle Island University Foundation.

We also seek opportunities to provide scholarships and fundraising support to talented individuals who would benefit from our workshops, classes, and events.

We are open to any and all requests for workshops or events for any group. Contact us for more information.

OrganiFund.com provides fundraising options for

  • Youth events and Youth programs,
  • Veterans, Veteran Families, and Veteran Programs
  • Cultural Events, Organizations, and Causes
  • Organic Sustainable Agriculture

Organifund.com is our main resource for funding events and programs. Justus Ewing is the developer behind the platform. He has donated the site to the foundation and maintains it as a funding method for nonprofits across the U.S.

As we expand OrganiFund.com, we will be adding backer rewards for people who support our projects. We are also developing a program with t.i. WebSoft, a community partner that specializes in web development and digital marketing. With this program, we will seek to provide phased funding for organizational growth to under-developed nonprofits in the U.S.

As a 501(c)(3), Turtle Island University Foundation is able to raise funds to issue community grants to people that fall into our areas of service. We are able to create grant programs in the following areas:Agriculture, Community Projects, Community Supported Agriculture, Education Funding, Events & Tickets, Humanitarian Projects, New Business Start-Ups, Non-Profit Fundraisers, Non-Profit Start-Ups, Support-a-Family, Support-a-Friend, Travel Funding, Veterans Projects and Fundraisers & Youth Projects and Fundraisers.

To request a community grant program, please contact us.

Our Mission

We aim to hold space for people to come to an intimate understanding of the interconnectivity of life in such a way as to live well, both supported by and in support of all that is alive.
Turtle Island University Foundation Inc. provides institutional and organizational support to Cultural Leaders, Youth Organizers, Agricultural Leaders, and Veterans in practical ways that make a positive difference.
Turtle Island University Foundation Inc., we aim to co-facilitate a re-introduction the daily life and social skills and wisdoms our ancestors practiced and lived in order to survive and create future generations.
The workshops at Turtle Island University Foundation teach personal growth and human development so that everyone can learn to work and grow together.

Our Community Coordination, Fundraising , and Economic Development tools put mission oriented community leaders within reach of their goals.